Bamboo Therapy Course

Bamboo Therapy Course

Bamboo Therapy  Course


The Bamboo Therapy is a massage that provides deep muscular relaxation, draining and an invigorating sensation of wellness. Its movements can be adapted and its maneuvers can be performed in deeper or more superficial, according to the customer’s sensibility. 


This massage reinforces the muscle tone, respects the fibers streaming, stimulates the blood flow, as well as the lymphatic system and promotes inner energy.



  • Bamboo History
  • Different techniques associated to the Bamboo Therapy
  • Indications and counter- indications
  • Physiological effects/ Benefits
  • Material Precautions
  • Bamboo therapy and the  Aromatherapy
  • Bamboo Therapy Application



Full one day course.


Delegate Requirements:

  • Advanced Level: Fully NVQ Level 3 or recognised body massage qualification or knowledge of massage and Anatomy and Physiology.
  • To work in pairs



Maximum 6 delegates. For in salon training this depends upon room size etc and can be discussed


Training Fee:    

175€ plus IVA set fee



Bamboo kit (6 pieces)


In Salon Training Room requirements (Salon to provide):

  • Room Requirements (Salon to provide):
  • Couch per pair delegate covered with towelling cover and couch roll, couch must be positioned with enough room for candidate to move around the whole area
  • 3 Tier Trolley (large / sturdy enough for 17 litre stone heater) surfaces covered with couch roll or towel.  Large plastic bowl on trolley
  • Plug socket near to trolley
  • Bin under couch
  • Room must be well ventilated, or air-conditioned.  Room must have access to water nearby, or ideally in room
  • Room must be sufficiently sound-proofed to ensure no disturbances
  • Hand washing facilities
  • Changing area / screen for models to undress behind.


NOTE:  Models for Bamboo Massage must not suffer from any of the following:

  • Diabetes
  • be pregnant or breast feeding
  • epilepsy
  • heart problems
  • high or low blood pressure or on medication for this
  • thyroid problems or on medication for this
  • recent operations
  • Scarring.