Smooth It Ingrowing Hair Treatment Spray 100ml

Smooth It Ingrowing Hair Treatment Spray 100ml

Product no.: HOB5552
7.04 / unit(s)
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Key Features:

  • Contains conditioning ingredients to help soothe & repair the skin.
  • Unique formulation to prevent & effectively treat ingrowing hairs.
  • Effectively prevents & treats razor burns.
  • Ideal for retailing to clients for use inbetween waxing treatments.
  • Males can use this as a treatment on sensitive facial skin after shaving.
  • Light spray formulation.
  • Hygienic pump spray action.


Professional tips for use:

Apply for 3-5 consecutive days prior to waxing treatments or shaving to prevent the formulation of ingrowing hairs. Where ingrowing hairs are already present as a result of waxing or shaving, daily application directly to the skin above the infected area for around 3 days will help result in early improvement of the skin condition and help trapped hairs to be suitably removed.

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